The new Profoto Connect Pro is now also compatible with all SL2 and SL2-S cameras from the Leica SL system

Profoto’s Connect Pro flash control is now also available for all SL2 and SL2-S cameras from the Leica SL system. As a result, photographers in particular gain full control to adjust the balance between ambient light and flash especially fast and precisely on set at any time.

The Profoto Connect Pro serves as a remote control and central hub between the camera and flash units. It is connected to the camera via the hot shoe and is ready for use at once. With its clear and intuitive controls, the slim flash trigger works reliably and with consistent performance under changing light conditions where the established TTL and HSS functions can speed up the workflow.


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Potentes herramientas de edición para los creativos de Leica

Libera todo el potencial de tus imágenes Leica con Capture One Pro. Con herramientas de edición de precisión, accesos directos intuitivos para un trabajo más rápido y colores realistas adaptados a tu cámara Leica, es el software de edición definitivo para darle vida a tu visión de la manera más fluida posible.

Incluso puedes conectar cámaras Leica seleccionadas y tomar fotos conectadas directamente en el modo Live View, lo que facilita la revisión de tus capturas en vivo y la realización de cambios en el set en un flujo de trabajo profesional.


Tethering con visualización en vivo

Gracias al tethering más rápido de la industria , puedes conectar y controlar cámaras Leica seleccionadas y tomar fotos directamente en Capture One, además de organizarlas sobre la marcha.

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Incredible RAW processing

Start your editing with the highest-quality files. With camera and lens profiles for Leica, retain all the authentic colors and details from your original capture.


Color control

Create and control any color with a full suite of color grading tools. Simply click on a hue and drag to adjust colors fast or edit shades to perfection with the Advanced Color Editor.


Seamless editing

The unique Speed Edit tool lets you edit ultra fast – without touching the interface. You can even edit multiple images at once. Plus, get handy shortcuts to speed up your import, export and culling.


Adobe Lightroom

Tethered shooting workflows can also be utilized with other software solutions.

Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® Classic is fully equipped to serve as a control center for all digital image processing needs. Everything has been thought of from importing files, sorting (including user-custom keywords) and image processing, to exporting files and sharing pictures by email or on the web.

The extremely powerful digital image processing tools in Lightroom® Classic are perfectly designed for processing images for further use. Lightroom® Classic offers the particular advantage of a non-destructive RAW workflow that leaves the original data untouched and stores all edits in a separate file. A new file with all edits applied is only created in the export phase, so there is no risk of overwriting the original data when creating several versions of the same image.

Classic digital image processing software such as Adobe® Photoshop® can be integrated into the workflow for further processing.