Leica ZM 1 and ZM 2

Turn seconds into Moments.

“Das Wesentliche”: focusing on the essential has always been at the core of Leica’s design philosophy. The principle of timeless simplicity – exemplified by Leica’s M cameras – seamlessly extends to the Leica ZM 1 and ZM 2 watches. The exquisite timepieces are distinguished by Leica’s unmistakable aesthetic – coupled with unconventional solutions to classic timekeeping functions, brought to life by Leica designer Achim Heine.


The Manual Leica Calibers – Own Construction and Made in Germany

Our innovative approach to watchmaking led to the introduction of new functions and the re-interpretation of traditional watch complications: the patented push-crown with seconds reset, the movement status display, the unique power reserve, and the day/night indicator.

These different functions or display types required their own integrated movement. With their exceptional construction and unique decoration, the hand-wound calibers LH-10 (ZM 1) and LH-20 (ZM 2) are a striking reflection of Leica's industrial yet artisanal tradition – and a testament to our strong focus on the wearer’s interaction with the watch.



One-Workshop Production

The ZM 1 and ZM 2 watches and their calibers are exclusively Made in Germany, from the initial concept through to production. The movement and the watch components are manufactured almost entirely in Lehmann Präzision's partner workshop in Germany. Due to the exclusive nature of their production, the timepieces are, and will continue to be available in limited numbers.



Stop and Start Time – With the Push of a Button

Inspired by the shutter release button of a camera, Leica’s patented push-crown is a novel innovation within the watchmaking industry.
Rather than being pulled out, the crown simply has to be pushed to reset the small seconds hand to zero – whereby the circular status indicator on the dial turns into a red dot. The result is a convenient and ultra-precise method of setting the correct time. Just like the shutter button of a Leica camera, pressing the push-crown is, essentially, a way of freezing time.



Unique Power Reserve Indicator

The mechanical watch movement of the Leica ZM 1 and ZM 2 has a run time of 60 hours. The power reserve indicator – comprising two gradually converging blades – echoes a camera shutter that opens and closes in accordance with the exposure time. This unique design element, which was inspired by the shutter curtain of the Leica M, pays homage to the fact that Leica’s pioneering cameras were intrinsically made possible by the fine-mechanical principles of watchmaking.

Leica_Watch_Gruppe 37@2x.jpg
  1. Patented push-crown
  2. Mode indicator
  3. Power reserve indicator
  4. Small second hand
  5. Date push-button
  6. Date window
  7. GMT turning bezel (Leica ZM 2 only)
  8. Day/night indicator for the GMT function (Leica ZM 2 only
  9. GMT crown (Leica ZM 2 only)

The Leica Calibers

The ZM 1 and ZM 2 are powered by Leica’s in-house-developed, manual-wind watch movement. In addition to displaying hours, minutes, and seconds, the timepieces feature a date window as well as status and power reserve indicators.

The Leica ZM 1 offers 5 functions, while the ZM 2 is equipped with 7. All Leica watch models are distinguished by a domed sapphire crystal – reminiscent of a Leica lens – and a transparent sapphire case back, revealing the watch’s inner workings. The ZM 1 and ZM 2 are able to withstand water pressure up to a depth of 50 meters. When fully wound, the watch movement operates for 60 hours.

All Leica timepieces come with a quick-set date pusher, located at the 2 o’clock position. The dial, hands, and indices are meticulously crafted in a diamond-cut design and sandblasted finish, while the matte dial – made from a solid block of high-strength aluminium – beautifully sets off the watch’s functions.

Exclusive to the ZM 2 is a 12-hour internal bezel for the seamless tracking of a second time zone via the single-hour hand. Positioned at the 4 o’clock mark, the GMT crown is rotated, smoothly clicking into place at every hour interval. Integrated with the bezel’s configuration, a practical day/night indicator provides clarity for travellers, enabling them to easily discern the time of day in their chosen secondary time zone. This simplistic implementation and combination of features not only enhances the watch's utility, but also showcases the meticulous attention to detail and user-focused design.



The new Leica ZM 1 and ZM 2 Monochrom Editions are an iconic reflection of Leica's M Monochrom camera and celebrate the fundamental principles of black and white photography: contrast and light.

The minimalist design of the Leica ZM Monochrom Edition allows the exquisite craftsmanship to speak for itself. Both the ZM 1 Monochrom and ZM 2 Monochrom are distinguished by a jet black PVD-coated, satin-finished stainless steel case and bezel that absorbs light, yet reveals the depth of black and grey tones. The blackened hands, indexes and subdial bezel are rhodium-plated for an understated look to match.

To complement the rugged aesthetic of the ZM Monochrom, the watch's black bracelet is made from durable full-grain calfskin, with a PVD-coated buckle that matches the leather covering of the Leica M11 Monochrom.

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