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From Germany to Japan, from France to China and from the USA to the UK – Leica maintains stores all around the globe. Discover the places where our specialists offer you the best retail and repair services and seek to ignite your creativity. Find a Leica store close by and get in touch with our specialists.


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Everyone on the staff is a real Leica expert and eager to share the knowledge. Together you can start a dialog, find solutions and even develop new ideas. They will be happy to welcome you to the family.



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Whether you have come for one of the many exhibitions or want to attend a Leica Akademie workshop, Leica stores are places where you can get in touch with fellow photography enthusiasts and exchange experiences.


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At Leica stores you will experience what Germans call “Das Wesentliche” – a range of essential services, products and creative tools that will help you to get the most out of your pictures.