Leica M-P (Typ 240)

Typ 240 - Discovery in process
Material number

The Leica M-P represents the pinnacle in the digital evolutionary development of the Leica M. Indeed, the member of the Leica M rangefinder family stands out by virtue of a number of special features that raise it above the otherwise technically identical Leica M. A scratch-resistant sapphire glass monitor cover makes the camera even more resilient. The frame selection lever makes it easier to determind the optimum focal length to use, and thanks to its large 2 GB internal buffer memory, the Leica M-P is always ready to shoot. But the differences don't stop with its internal upgrades. The Leica M-P also has external details that make it visually different as well. To make it even more discreet and unobtrusive, the M-P has an understated Leica logo on the top deck and completely omits the prominent red dot on the front. Just like the M, the M-P is also characterized by the use of only the finest materials and first-class finishing by hand. There's no doubt about it: the M-P is the camera for aficionados and connoisseurs that have a passion for the ultimate in technical excellence and a love of the extraordinary.