LPP - Leica Protection Plan Vario Lens
  • Product description
  • Even cameras with the legendary reliability and long working life of Leicas may one day require maintenance or repair. The Leica Protection Plan grants extended warranty benefits for two additional years.

    Service conditions:

    Leica Service in numerous regions around the world will arrange the loan and delivery of replacement equipment within 24 hours. This ensures that the availability of a professional camera is guaranteed at all times. A once-only inspection including cleaning and adjustment is a part of the Leica Protection Plan package, as is a replacement of the shutter if this should become necessary for technical reasons. Owners of Leica S technical equipment who signed up for a Leica Protection Plan have no need to worry. The Leica Protection Plan for S lenses Vario Lens can be acquired within the first 12 months from the original purchase date and thereby extend the warranty to a term of three full years.