Кепка с прорезиненной надписью Leica
Артикул товара

The Essentials

  • Черная кепка с красными деталями

  • Прорезиненный логотип на кепке

  • Материал: Полиэстер + оголовье 100% хлопок

  • Product description
  • Scope of delivery
  • Leica Cap engraving rubber

    All clear ahead – panache, a good line of sight, and a precise focus – all are guaranteed, if you're wearing a Leica cap. These stylish and durable baseball caps are made of black cotton, with the engraved Leica Q structure. They look great with any outfit and ensure easy camera work, regardless of what weather you get. The best way to be protected and secure, during your next adventure!

  • Leica Cap engraving rubber