Leica M (Typ 240)
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  • Compact, digital viewfinder system camera with video function

  • 24MP-CMOS sensor in 24 x 36 mm format

  • Leica Maestro image processor

  • Monitor made from Corning Gorilla Glass

  • Full HD 1080p video function

  • ISO 200 to ISO 6.400

  • Focus peaking

  • Product description
  • Scope of delivery
  • The Leica M (Typ 240) rigorously adheres to the philosophy of the M-System. It is a milestone that points the way to the future. The Leica M reaps the benefits of more than 60 years of experience with the M rangefinder system. At the same time, it exploits forward-looking digital technologies: it features a high-resolution, fullformat CMOS sensor that, in combination with its high-performance processor and the legendary M-lenses, delivers outstanding imaging results - typical of M-Cameras. But with Live View, video, and additional focusing methods, it is also the M for photographers that do not want to miss out on any of the benefits of modern digital technology and is equipped with a larger battery than the M10. The M (Typ 240) successfully expands the scope of the M-System while remaining true to its fundamental heritage and principles.

  • Camera body, Battery, Charger with power cables for EU and USA (different in some export markets), 12V charging cable, Carrying strap, Accessory port cover, Body cap