The blue city

For Portuguese photographer Rui Pires, taking pictures is just one aspect of researching history. His images of the Moroccan city of Chefchaouen show a deep familiarity with the people he portrays.


I use photography as a tool to research Portuguese heritage all around the world.

Walking through the Medina, the old-town district of Chefchaouen, you stumble across pieces of history with every step you take. The alleys, streets, houses and corners are always brimming with life, allowing for unique photographs with a chromatic richness that is not easily matched. Chefchaouen always yields new visual treasures. I will return many more times.


Many of the pictures were shot at night, when the blue tones are more vivid and deep.

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What impressed me most about the Leica SL2 was the image quality and dynamic range. It is possible to record excellent photographs in very difficult lighting conditions, including very little available light. This is exemplified by the scenes I captured in Chefchaouen, some of which were illuminated by nothing more than a street lamp. Other photographs were shot in extreme light, with high contrast from direct sunlight and deep shadows – and they still turned out great.

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The ideal equipment is the one you cease to be consciously aware of, because it has become an extension of your body.

After four years of working with the first Leica SL, I can honestly say that the new SL2 has exceeded all of my expectations. The evolution is truly extraordinary. This is a very ergonomic camera with a highly appealing design, very easy and intuitive to work with. It is an ideal tool for all types of photography, as well as documentary video recordings. Even in shooting situations that require high ISO settings, the image retains its clarity.


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SL 키트를 140만원 할인된 가격으로 만나보세요.

사진은 우리의 열정이고 우리 자신입니다. 이번 프로모션은 라이카 카메라로 세상을 바라본 여러분들에 대한 감사한 마음으로 준비했습니다. 2023년 4월 30일까지, 다음 라이카 SL 키트 구입 시 사용가능한 140만원 상당의 바우처를 받아보실 수 있습니다.

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Leica SL2 It’s your choice.

The SL2 is, next to the Leica M, the only mirrorless full format system camera designed and crafted in Germany, and is a technical marvel of pure performance and unmatched build quality. The Leica SL2 is the natural evolution of the innovative Leica SL, serving as a groundbreaking embrace of the future of digital photography and videography.