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Leica FOTOS connects your camera seamlessly to your smartphone or iPad via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth®. The app enables you to transfer images, control your Leica camera per remote, as well as to view, edit and share your pictures in several formats.


Leica FOTOS x Lightroom

All users of Leica FOTOS benefit from a seamless integration with Adobe Lightroom* via a dedicated button, enabling you to edit all aspects of your photo on the go – JPEG or DNG – and directly share it on social media. A process so fast and easy that it will revolutionize your mobile workflow experience.

In case you prefer to use a different editing software, Leica FOTOS naturally supports a range of other options.


* currently only available for iOS and iPadOS

Leica FOTOS for iPad

Where it truly gets exciting: for all photographers using an iPad, Leica FOTOS comes with a dedicated app that supports the latest iPadOS features.

Slide Over and Split View enable you to work with multiple apps simultaneously, while the Drag & Drop functionality allows you to share images to your channels or Adobe’s Creative Cloud with a simple swipe of your finger.

Remote for FOTOS

The big screen of your iPad is ideally suited to record videos from unusual angles.

Get a remote view through the lens of your camera and start or stop recording from a distance to get the best out of your creative process.

Use the Live View implementation to set and trigger your camera from a distance. Focus with a touch of your finger, adapt the camera’s settings – aperture, shutter, ISO, exposure compensation – and release the shutter remotely.

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