Using my M optics with the SL2 is a unique experience.

I have spent more than twenty years photographing wars, catastrophes, humanitarian crises and it is here, when I return to these coasts, that I again find peace. Every time I return to these coasts to photograph these women who represent the essence of the Galician seafood industry, my faith is restored.


The commitment, effort and strength of these women are an inspiration to me. Photographing them has become something personal. Working with them in the sea is a challenge.


On the rafts of the mussel industry, the sea salt, dampness and dirt put any equipment to the test. The seal of the SL2 and its resistance to water has given me such security, allowing me to concentrate on the most important thing, to take photos and completely forget about the security of the camera.

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Using my M optics with the SL2 is a unique experience. A fusion in which, for me, two systems with their own soul merge together.

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Leica SL2 It’s your choice.

The SL2 is, next to the Leica M, the only mirrorless full format system camera designed and crafted in Germany, and is a technical marvel of pure performance and unmatched build quality. The Leica SL2 is the natural evolution of the innovative Leica SL, serving as a groundbreaking embrace of the future of digital photography and videography.